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Welcome to my wonderful little gothic poems site. Here you will find, my personal poems and any others sent in by other people note: if you have a complaint about the content or spelling errors, YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF! Im a very unsensitive person when it comes to bitches that complain about some thing that they have the right to or not to look at! so i ignore most complaints. These Poems are written by myself or if not the and credit will be given where it is needed

This website was made when i was posting shit on Vampire and decided i should have a web page with my poetry. Not, this website and the HTML skill was helped MAJORLY By my long time friend Wes (aka) Kippers (aka) Curly Fries, or blue bus buddy. Most credit goes to him for this page. Also, this page is in ascosiation with Manga-Zine/ Shadow Territories. Dont be a thief, Plagerism is a crime. But if you post Credit to then its not a crime. Just add credit where needed. If you wish for a link or add on your site, emial me at: The Main Insperations for these Poems are:
My Dreams
My Friends
The Kind People On VF

Poems So Far:

Necrophilia of sorts

Left Was The Soul And Dead Was The Life
Live Is The Pain In No Brutal Remorse It
Struck Through The Bullet Wasted Crude
Was My Part Again The Secret Told Defiled
Once More Raped By Those Once Loved
I Am Already Dead To You Put An End To
Your Blood Lust The Forest Has Faded
But The Pain Is Not Sedated To Awake In
Glory To My Never Ending Dream So Long
Sinister Awaited For The Day When Death
Would Steal It Away The Virgin Thoughts
Long Stolen By The Ice Cold Hands Of
Society And a Necrophilia Of Sorts builds.
Happy Thoughts Die, Hearts Blacken, Death Creeps
A Pain Ensnares The Young.

The Tree

Walking, in the moonlight sun, scorched by train rail lies.
Wind blows, branches wave out like past friends lost.
The Autumn Sky is dark and cold, a dark wonder sweeps around me.
A tall foreboding shadow stands lurking alone in the menacing silence, a door.
The tall tree stands light up in black. The Creeper awaits my the trial.
I reach to the handle, smooth, but with a poison feel.
I turn it, dark. My eyes slowly flutter open to the real world once more, to the asylum of which I spend my life, in misery day after day of dieing.
Emotions so empty, are they even there. Friends, do they even care? I am alone once more.
The never ending dream now gone. Good bye, gateway tree.

The Ring Of Fire

A tall wood strung brick laid loop stands still in the cold winter sky. It is large, intimidation. Awake
L.I.L.I.T.H (Lying Insane Loathsome Totaly Hated)

I was made of dirt
forged from shit
I was made from soil
summoned from the ground
Jelousy, from envy
i am lilith
to hate adam
to despise eve
i am lilith
Alone i am
My magot filled mind
so pure that once
i feel down
i am lilith
i am alpha
lying insane loathsome totaly hated

the revalations of life, the revealings of death, part one: Angels Broken Wings-fallen to the pit {the emptyness of infinante space, with in the funel heart]-

1). as she stepped slowly into her room, her hands shaked. She knew she was dead, her corpse a puppet. The forseken agony still refused. 2).her Stitches tore into her arm, as if piano wires, the black blood trickeled on to the floor. 3). The Angel spread its wings, as the fifth one was sent unto the earth, holding the key to thus plung the world into a pit of demise. 4).Her eyes now open, she was thy beast, her gothic love, the locust. The mans face with womans hair. 5).The bone tore through the skin, the feathers of leather fell to the ground. 6).The Fallen angel of filth now stood, once a nigger of heaven, now a saint of hell. The Star was born. 7).The sword sparkeled in the air, the blade of lilith, of dirt. Blade of filth. Lilith encarnant. 8).The cold sting, the brutal heart ache of rejection. she was awake. 9).The understanding of the filthy dirt creation, envy from above. There was no wear left to run, nowhere left to hide. 10). The Advil shaked eyes opened. He stood tall and proud, the feminan hair blowing in the wind. Six fingers to a hand. Each finger with a point, excluding the thumb. 11). The same strange hatred recovered, massacre. Cold blooded hatred ran like blood, the veil so clean. 12). Like Spiders and Storms the five joined The key in hand. 13). As the blade of lilith was plunged deep into the soil of which it was made, the key shattered. 14). The birth shown with a diabolic aura. This was the anti-christ, the shadow of the valley of death now a nior repitition of fear and para-nior. 15). The wolves cry stung the night, as past present and future were joined as one. The worms crawled through the soil. Necromancer standing tall. 16). The long sinse loved, biblical anarchy, freedom at last. Repention, never known, never shown. 17). The baby anti-saint was cast into the world, as to experiance ignorence to its fullest degree. Thus man kind condemned them selves. 18).The tioled emotions of the anti-christ through its life, the blood shed, the mOTIONS oF dESTRUCTION, then, he met her. 19). She stood narrow, all the light winding, through her hair, she was valentines day, she was valentine. 20).He Loved Valentine, and thus she loved him, the more time the duet spent together. Hope was found, man kind seemed less useless. 21). Valentine, was every thing to him, the dream of happiness, the thought that humans were not so wasted. 22). Valentine and Anti-Christ were deep, Anti-Christ expressed his dead heart in a valentine, Valentine was affraid of him, and thus he was rejected. 23). He was tramatised, lament, hatred. Valentine had become another facless mother fucker, in a city of bastards that had hurt him. 24). Secluded from the world around him, the wall become bigger around him. 25). He was sitting alone, the bench was grey, the clouds were the same, When the complete lack of soffistication appeared. She was, Blue. 26).She spoke to him, short enough, the wall fell slowly. And life went on. 27).A few months later he met her, her name was, Nior. Nior was a gothic love, a beuty of darkness. a black rose. 28). He fell in love with Nior, but the paranio seeped through, the fear of love. 29).Nior loved him deeply, her love, seemed alien. The strange same darkness, the thick red blood running through her wrists. 30).Her love was heeling, reflecting of him. 31).They were toghether, the torture of love between them, the bite marks, the cuts. 32). Nior was acceptant of him, but he felt to change, he slowly tried to quit the narcodics, the alchahol. 33).But even after all he had felt, after all the love he had gained, she to betrayed him, a purpetual darkness flooded in again. All the torment and the pain, leeked through and covered him. The to fermilliar agony.

A world that threw me away

all these facless mother fuckers
all these lying cheating bastards
creating a fake, black image of each other
all the days ive cried
untill i have no tears
my most valnerable moments
of weakness
of strength not here
i feel safer when im closer
but i dont want her to hurt me
becuase if she did
it would be my omega, my end
not bodily, my corpse would live
my mind would die
ive been hurt to much, cut to deep to bleed
"i dont want to hurt you anymore"
i dont want her to do the same
the words that pierce through me
i know she loves me
and i love her deerly
i love her so much
she meens every thing to me
she is me, my better half
i just dont want to lose her.

A World That Threw Me Away, part two

I have lost her, again, the pain of rejection, it hurts me, it stings
The torture burns away like acid, relentless stinging
She was every thing to me, The Happy thoughts, but really
She was just the alpha, to my omega
Not just the word i have lost, but her
The same strange darkness that broke the silence
Has broken my heart, lonely again, i stare into the moon
I am alone, I must face ths fact now, more then ever

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