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Welcome to The NewBerZ Skate site!

Now that your on this site, take a look at some of our pics and download our sample video.
NewBerZ skate team consists of:
Wes Pattison (a.k.a curly fries, or Carpelle Sr.)
Steve (a.k.a Buky)
Alex Bolton (a.k.a Jack/that dude)
Cody (a.k.a Carpelle Jr.)


CUBert/ P.L.U.C.K
We will be resuming the taping of our "P.L.U.C.K" skate video soon (yes named after the system of a down song.) Using mostly if not all System of a down songs for back ground music. A sample video will be up soon, once we have it finished, it will contain, Wes, Steve and Alex doing random tricks for a few short minutes, and Alex, smashing some decks. The Sample video will be labeled CUBert, also after a S.O.A.D song. It will be aprox 3 or 4 minutes long and has the S.O.A.D song CUBert as the back ground theme. -Alex Bolton/ may 21/2005

A new photo gallery will be added soon, all pictures taken by Alex, and Steve. It will hold 26 photos of some of the greatest NewBerZ moments caught on film. And a few of the worst.
-Alex Bolton/ may 21/2005

CUBert Cartoon
A mini Flas Cartoon Version Of CUBert will be finished soon, me and wes learned, or sort of learned how to use flash in a very crapily kind of way so we will post that up when it finishes. - Alex Bolton/ may 30/2005

Another mini sized skate/ Cartoon flash, with real footage mixed in with stupid stick people flopping around, should be interesting, im developing it now, and such. -Alex Bolton/ may30/ 2005

Extra Added Text!:

Ah yes more useless information about us, stuff you really couldnt care about! but still you read on, and on and on. As a traditional Skate team, we do mostly streat moves and crazy stupid stuff. We mostly use S.O.A.D song titles for our vids and back ground music. We are also in production with Manga-zineİ stories and such.

And now for the info on each idiot of the team:
(or member, no idiot siuts us better)

Wes Pattison (Curly fries, Carpelle Sr.)-
Hyper active skater punk, loves heavy metal and women! ahhh yes the women!!!
Uses mainly Element decks, and is pro with Streat tricks, and some vert, good at
Injuries. Key boards and synth for M.O.D

Alex Bolton (Jack/ That dude.)-
Gothic punk dude, loves death metal and smashing boards. Uses only streat tricks
Vert is to painful, uses what ever he can find. Even better then Wes at getting injuries
Lead vocals for M.O.D

Steve (Buky)-
Skater Punk dude, loves heavy metal, and throwing stuff. Uses both streat and vert
Not as good at Injuries, uses atm decks mainly, or alien workshop. Now much else to
wright about him, he loves pizza pockets?

Cody (Carpelle Jr.)-
Skater kid, loves Pizza i think, i dont know much about him... stupid wes not here to help me! aaagggh!
....:(....Screw you wes!

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All skate vid names and back ground music by System of a Down.

All Flash Animation and Cartoon provided by Wes Pattison and Manga-Zineİ All work concieved on Animation Shop 5, all rights belong to The 'NewBerZ' Skate team and Manga-Zineİ Sponsered by Manga-zineİ

For more information on the 'NewBerZ' Skate team and 'Manga-Zineİ' please contact eather Wes Or Myself (JacK, Alex) At:
or (me)

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