Most used Character Cast

In this section you will see the best and most often used Characters in our stories, enjoy! ^-^


Well, there are many Characters in the Manga-Zine theatrical cast. Most of the characters come together at least once with in the the continuoes Ervine story line. The most used characters are:
Arashi- fourteen year old teen, G.A, with a hot temper and a large aray of mis used emotions, shows up first in the Yami X story.
Ervine- age unkown, Angel, cool and calm without a worry in the world. Always in control, but is empty inside, fealing lovless and lonely, that is until he meats Atreyu, and then he loves her, but her heart lays with Arashi.
Atreyu- Age fifteen, Angel, emotional fresh, happy and allround joyful, she was introduced to the Angel life style at her sixteenth Christmas eve, and fell deeply in love with Arashi but had to leave him. (tradgic)
Drowen- Age twenty, human, a good leader. He was originally thought of as A.Cs invisible cousin but i liked the name so i decided to make a drowen in one of my stories.
Luna- Age Fourteen,Angel, happy, mysterios and energetic. She loves Arashi as much as he loves her, but when she dies, and awakes as an Angel she has no memory of Arashi for a short time.
Nior- not much known about nior, he apears for the first time in Yami X. His personality changes with every story i put him in, from arogant british snob to depressed goth kid.
Wanni- First apeared in the Yami X story, i really didnt have much use for him, but I was forced by selected people to use him more. Well he is 14 years old, blue hair, dark blue eyes, and there isnt much else to say, but he is always the same person in every story i write. and for puckle, he is cute...erg

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