KoRn is made of a deep history of bands' breaking up and forming. Here is a brief overview. The setting is Bakersfield, CA, north of Los Angles.

First off, KoRn was formed in 1993 when Sex Art's Jonathan Davis joined forces with LAPD, made of Munky, Fieldy, David, and Brian.

SexArt consisted of 5 people: Jonathan Davis (singer now with KoRn), Ryan (now with Orgy, signed to KoRn's new label, Elementree), Denis (now a music producer), Chaka and Dave (now with the band Juice). When Jonathan left SexArt, Smily replaced him. Now, Smily, Chaka, and Dave make up the band Juice. Then, when SexArt broke up, Dave, Ray Ray, Denis, and Ryan made a band called Supermodel, and their singer was Richard... the former singer of LAPD. LAPD? Who's that, you ask? Read on...

LAPD consisted of Munky, Fieldy, David, Brian, and Richard, whom Jonathan replaced. After Jonathan came in, the band changed their name to KoRn.

When Jonathan worked in the morgue, it was the Kern County Morgue in Cali. The name Korn probably came from that. The logo KoRn was drawn by Jonathan using his left hand.

After KoRn formed, they came out with their first CD in 1994, titled KoRn. The first song, "Blind", was originally done by SexArt. The CD was a instant hit, mixed with punk, metal, and hip hop. Then, in 1996, KoRn made its much anticipated sophomore album: Life Is Peachy. Chino Moreno of the Deftones did a cover of Ice Cube's song Wicked with KoRn on Life Is Peachy.

And from there things went either better or worse depending on how you look at it. Life Is Peachy did pretty good on sales and the fans were pleased for a while. After touring in support of the album, in 1998, Korn went to work on its 3rd album, the highly publicized and commercialized Follow The Leader. MTV promoted it non-stop, and it was greeted with instant money when released. Korn had officially crossed over to the general public.

Just a year later, Korn released its 4th album, Issues on Nov. 16, 1999. MTV again was the main promoter for the album. Old school fans shun the album in fear of its poppish sounds.

Untouchables, the 5th album was released on June 11th of 2002. It made a #2 debut on the Billboard 200.


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