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St.Anger- Metallica
 The latest album from Metallica, it is a step up from most of the past recordings released since 'And justice for all' St.Anger is a combination of the machine gun drum rolls and the heavy guitars Metallica is famous for. Although each song is unique in its own way, and the lyrics charged by James Hetfields experiance through rehab for his drinking problems, nothing makes this Album stand out like the original Metallica Recordings did. Better work, but still not best. 4/10


 Mesmerize- System Of A Down
S.O.A.Ds latest album, and first in the two part set.
Mesmerize strays from usual system fasion, widening from the usual political lyrics, Mesmerize speaks more of, Pornography, Television, War, Drugs, Show Buisness, Murder and other unsual topics, although the topicsa re difrent, they way it is written brings out the best of soads songs wrting abilities. While each track lyrically differs from the next, they also do musically. Each track brings out a new emotion for the listener, even when speaking or rape, and sodomy, the tracks emotions can be up and almost cheery. When the lyrics are morbid, well for soad at least. This is by far a great accomplishment for S.O.A.D I look Forward To Hypnotise, coming this fall, all and all. I Give this, A  7/10