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 Here you will find Gothic, Industrial, Metal, Rock, Punk, Techno, Dance, Rave music, and music revues, Amatuer band demos, Poetry, Art, Lyrics, Stories, Fan Fictions, Games and other interesting things...
 If you would like to submit some thing of your own please email it to Twizt_jesus_is_dead@hotmail.com along with your screan name and information on the submission. Thanks.


BATTERY HEAD has been added To the sponsered bands page, as well as more will come. There have been a few more additions concerning new pages. In other news The Game Dream Scape is being worked on double time and will be up sonner then expected.
Welcome to the new format for the manga-zine. More changes will comes soon, along with the new format, there will be slight content changes along with navigation changes. Nothing major, but non the less nothing slight. Hope you can manuver around the new site easily.