Evengelion1-Wat Happened

Or, the secound title, the fate of destruction: [the joy of rebirth]
written by: Alex
rated: M

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But theres a catch... this isnt one of those shity fan fics that ruin the whole story and screw it out of proportion... oh no its... some thing diffrent... *heh heh heh * boy you ever in for it... *muw hu wa hah ha ha ah ha...cough* Ever wonder what was happening to the other people when shinji was dreaming or wishing or what ever with giant naked rai... *heh heh heh* 
 Whoever this fan fiction is not suggested for new comers to evangelion. I suggest you watch the death and rebearth and end of evangelion movies before reading this. And before i post the story heres the evangelion character list credit to http://www.lwhy.clara.net/nge/ for this kick ass list :)
To quote Ritsuko, an Eva is a thing created by man in mans' own image. In more detail though, an Eva is a copy of the first Angel found in Antarctica; Adam, however, modifications had to be made to allow NERV to control it. Unlike the Angels, an Eva doesn't possess an S2 engine, therefore energy is supplied via an umbilical cable. Should this cable become severed, an Eva can operate on an internal battery for no more than five minutes due to the current limitations in battery power, after which the Eva should supposedly cease to function.

Model: Prototype
Designated number: 00
First sortie: Episode 06   
EVA-00 is the first Eva to be constructed, and is piloted by Rei Ayanami; the first child.  In order for the prototype to be a viable option for close combat against Angels, NERV upgrade the Eva shortly after the eighth Angel is destroyed. Unit 00 has also been known to run amok on a couple of occasions. It was initially thought to have been caused by mental instability from within the pilot, however, it is later determined that the instability originated from within the actual Eva.  It's highly likely that Unit 00's core was in fact built from the soul of Rei Ayanami.

Model: Test type
Designated number: 01
First sortie: Episode 01
EVA-01 has undoubtedly seen far more action in its time than any of the other Evas under NERV's control, it is also extremely unpredictable. On several occasions now Unit 01 has moved without energy being supplied to it and is quoted by Ritsuko to be a berserker. Though it is because of this Eva's rogue behaviour that many of the Angels were actually successfully destroyed and its pilot, Shinji Ikari; the third child, still alive to tell the tale. Also, it would be safe to assume that Yui Ikari's soul exists within Unit 01's core as a result of her synchronisation accident, this would explain Shinji's frequent visions of his mother when in Unit 01's entry plug. Unit 01 is also different from the other Evas in that it wasn't built from Adam, but instead from Lilith. As Lilith is capable of instigating the third impact, it comes of no surprise that Gendo and SEELE value Unit 01 significantly more than the other Evangelions. Unit 01 is effectively a viable substitute for Lilith should the need arise.

Model: Production
Designated number: 02
First sortie: Episode 08   
EVA-02 is the first Eva production model to be constructed, and is therefore a template for future Evangelions, at least it was deemed to be the case at the time of its construction. Unit 02 is piloted by Asuka Langley Soryu; the second child, and is the only Eva to have experienced extreme conditions such as engaging an Angel in aquatic combat, and worst still beneath seventeen hundred meters of molten lava. Unit 02's core was also built from the soul of Kyoko Zeppelin Souryu as a result of her synchronisation accident.

Model: Production
Designated number: 03
First sortie: Episode 18   
EVA-03's existence is that of a very short one. It's first test activation at Matsushiro goes horribly wrong as the dormant thirteenth Angel within the Eva's body awakens taking control of the Eva, helplessly trapping its doomed pilot, Toji Suzuhara; the forth child, inside its entry plug. NERV classify the Eva as the thirteenth Angel and engage it with Unit 01 under the control of its dummy plug. Although the pilot is fortunate enough to survive Unit 01's attack, Unit 03 is completely dismembered and rendered useless after its bloody confrontation with the frenzied Eva.

Model: Experimental S2
Designated number: 04
First sortie: Episode 17   
EVA-04's existence is even shorter than that of Unit 03's. Unit 04 is equipped with NERV's experimental S2 engine, which is similar to that of an Angel's. It works by converting matter into energy with no losses, but its initial activation at the second branch of NERV in the Nevada desert, America, goes horribly wrong. As a result NERV-02 is wiped off the map along with Unit 04, its newly installed experimental S2 engine and thousands of people. An explanation for the vast loss of life is not given, but it's probably safe to say, based on the fact that the instillation just vanished, that the engine's containment degraded, subsequently converting all mass within a set radius into pure energy.

Model: Mass production
Designated numbers: 05-13
First sortie: End of Evangelion   
Not much is known about the other Evas, other than the fact that they were built at seven different locations around the world in a hurry, and that all these Evas include working S2 engines. They are also known to be capable of extremely rapid regeneration much like that displayed with Unit 01. As well as this, Units 05-13 are relentless in their attacks as none are piloted by a human, instead each is piloted by a dummy plug and so morality isn't an issue for them when engaged in combat. And as if this weren't enough, Units 05-13 are all flight capable, in fact they could all be very well likened to vultures. They are vicious deadly creatures who wouldn't think twice before tearing apart their prey
Name: Adam
Designated number: 1st
First appearance: Episode 21   
The very first Angel was discovered in Antarctica during the Katsuragi expedition lead by Misato's father. It was there that the first Angel, Adam, was found, described by those few survivors of the expedition team as a glowing giant. Humanity had found their god of gods, but when humanity attempted to contain what they had found, by reducing Adam to his embryo form, their god fought back, the second impact... Adam vanished, and was not seen again until many years later when humanity revived their god, from his remains found after the second impact, containing him in his embryo form. Then came the Angels.
Presumably Adam possesses similar abilities to the Evangelions constructed by both NERV and SEELE as the Eva series was created from Adam. In line with this presumption then, Adam most likely possesses superior strength over that of all the other Angels along with the ability to rapidly regenerate making the Angel the ultimate close combat opponent. As with all the other Angels, Adam possesses an S2 engine capable of providing an infinite source of energy, and it is rumoured that Adam has the ability to manipulate this energy in many devastating ways which would nicely explain the melting of Antarctica. Adam also possesses an AT, Absolute Terror, field, that is a kind of almost impenetrable force field, like all the other Angels, though its effectiveness is unknown.

Name: Lilith
Designated number: 2nd
First appearance: Episode 15   
Presumably the second Angel is Lilith, the Angel held by NERV deep within terminal Dogma and mistaken by Misato and Kaji for Adam. Little is known about Lilith and where she came from, however, the seventeenth Angel, Kaoru, refers to humans as lilims, implying that Lilith is humanity's mother. The room Lilith resides in deep within terminal Dogma is actually NERV's LCL, Link Connection Liquid, manufacturing plant, it is here that Lilith hangs nailed to a large scarlet cross with the lance of Longinus buried within her chest preventing growth to the lower part of her body. NERV collect the blood that flows from Lilith's body and use it as LCL, this is picked up on by Shinji who frequently comments on the fact that an Eva's entry plug smells of blood.
Lilith is also the key to the human instrumentality project and the third impact. Apparently Lilith is capable of instigating the third impact and so is therefore invaluable to both Gendo and SEELE, however, Unit 01 is equally as valuable being built from Lilith, and hence effectively a viable substitute for Lilith should the need arise.

Name: Sachiel
Designated number: 3rd
First appearance: Episode 01   
Sachiel is the first Angel to assault Tokyo-3 following the destruction of Adam, though it's fifteen years after the second impact before Sachiel attacks the city. Why the long wait is a mystery, though its been rumoured that the Angels laid dormant on Earth until the second impact which some how awoke them from their dormancy. Like the Angels to follow, Sachiel challenges NERV alone, there would appear to be no systematic organisation amongst the Angels.
Sachiel is extremely well suited to the role of assaulting the enemy being equipped to despatch of both long range and close combat opponents. Sachiel's armament includes that of two ramming devices built into the palm of both hands, capable of delivering an incredible amount of pressure, and some kind of launcher mechanism used for projecting a type of high yield energy projectile with an unprecedented blast radius across long distances. This aside, however, Sachiel's AT field isn't as powerful as those exhibited by many of the other Angels, and the Angel's agility is mediocre at best, though Sachiel's extraordinary strength, ability to skim across surfaces and powers of regeneration more than makes up for this.

Name: Shamshel
Designated number: 4th
First appearance: Episode 03   
Only three weeks after the devastation caused by Sachiel, the Angels' follow up their attack on Tokyo-3 with their next messenger of death, Shamshel. Shamshel is solely suited to the role of close combat, and as a result of this is equipped with two what can only be described as laser tentacles, and it's these tentacles that Shamshel uses to savagely dissect opponents with. Shamshel's tentacles are so powerful that they can even manage to penetrate cleanly through the torso of an Eva, despite the protection provided by an Eva's defensive armour. Other than these awesomely powerful laser tentacles, Shamshel carries no further armament, though the Angel is capable of skimming across surfaces in much the same way as Sachiel. On the downside, however, Shamshel's AT field is as bad as Sachiel's, though the chance of an opponent scoring any hits on the Angel what with Shamshel's lethal tentacles flying around is slim.

Name: Ramiel
Designated number: 5th
First appearance: Episode 05   
Ramiel is by far one of the more powerful Angels to be pitted against the awesome might of the Eva series. Ramiel's armament consists of a drilling or boring device, which the Angel uses to attack NERV directly, and an exceptional AT field, so powerful in fact that the spatial changes in phase generated by the field can be seen by the naked eye. As if this weren't enough, Ramiel is also capable of skimming across surfaces and possesses a devastating accelerated particle beam cannon capable of shooting right through an Eva given roughly five seconds. Ramiel also indiscriminately targets opponents that enter within a set distance of the Angel, thus all in all Ramiel is a flying fortress capable of decimating those foolish enough to approach.

Name: Gaghiel
Designated number: 6th
First appearance: Episode 08   
Gaghiel is the only aquatic Angel to be pitted against NERV and, unlike most of the other Angels, is relatively lightly armed. Gaghiel's armament consists solely of a set of huge razor sharp teeth that are used to tear apart opponents, Gaghiel's jaw is so powerful that the Angel can quite easily bite right the way through the torso of an Eva. Gaghiel is also massive, and as a result of this can use its immense size and weight to serve as potentially devastating weapons during close combat. Despite the Angel's size, Gaghiel is extremely agile and fast which is vital to the Angel as it has no means of which to engage opponents at long range, and so therefore relies on its speed and agility to rapidly engage the enemy in close combat. Gaghiel also possesses an AT field like all the other Angels, though its effectiveness is unknown.

Name: Israfel
Designated number: 7th
First appearance: Episode 09   
Israfel is the first Angel to be engaged by two Evas simultaneously and, due to the damage incurred to Tokyo-3's intercept system, is also the first to be intercepted by NERV as opposed to the UN and/or JSDF. Despite being attacked by both Units 01 and 02, Israfel manages to dispatch of both its opponents due to the Angel's unique ability to separate into two separate Angels. Besides this bizarre ability to separate its self, Israfel also possesses some kind of offensive laser weapon, though its destructive power is somewhat lacking compared to the destructive arsenals at the disposal of most of the other Angels. Israfel's AT field is also extremely poor, however, the Angel is fairly agile and also possesses a set of razor sharp claws, and is hence therefore well suited to close quarter assault.

Name: Sandalphon
Designated number: 8th
First appearance: Episode 10   
Sandalphon is not all that dissimilar to Gaghiel, though is capable of surviving extremely hot temperatures, what with the Angel's natural habitat being within an active volcano, as opposed to Gaghiel. Sandalphon is also a lot smaller in comparison, however, this is most likely due to the fact that Sandalphon is discovered by NERV during its infancy and so isn't fully developed at the time of the Angel's discovery. Sandalphon relies on its speed and agility to rapidly engage the enemy in close combat, much like Gaghiel, as the Angel possesses no means of which to engage opponents at long range. Sandalphon's only means of attack comes from its razor sharp teeth set into the Angel's powerful jaw, though this is more than enough to inflict extensive damage on any of the Angel's opponents. Sandalphon also possesses an AT field like all the other Angels, though its effectiveness is unknown.

Name: Matariel
Designated number: 9th
First appearance: Episode 11   
Matariel is possibly one of the weakest Angels to attack Tokyo-3, and also the first Angel to be attacked by Units 00, 01 and 02 simultaneously. Matariel has only one means of attack being that of projecting extremely corrosive acid towards its opponents, however, this form of attack is slow and coupled with the Angel's limited agility makes for a pretty ineffective weapon. Matariel also possesses an extremely weak AT field which is not even capable of standing up to a short volley of fire from an Eva's standard issue rifle. These weaknesses serve only to hamper Matariel in combat and so the Angel relies chronically on its ability to stealthily approach opponents unnoticed, thus gaining the element of surprise giving the Angel the upper hand in combat.

Name: Sahaqiel
Designated number: 10th
First appearance: Episode 12   
Sahaqiel differs massively from the other Angels in that the Angel's one and only weapon is in fact its self. Sahaqiel is effectively a huge living bomb capable of dropping small amounts of its self, from the Angel's orbital position outside the enemy's firing range, on to targets below with devastating consequences. Though this may seem like an odd, yet extremely effective, way of dispatching of the Angel's opponents, Sahaqiel actually uses this unique ability to gain an absolute lock on its target, after which Sahaqiel descends on to its target thus eliminating not only its self, but also its target, along with a sizeable portion of the surrounding area! Sahaqiel has the potential to be truly devastating, which is why Sahaqiel's AT field is reasonably strong thus preventing the possibility of taking out the Angel at long range before delivery of its apocalyptic payload.

Name: Ireul
Designated number: 11th
First appearance: Episode 13   
Ireul is almost the perfect Angel, or rather collection of Angels. Ireul is composed of colonies of nano machines which work together to form a single functioning intelligent circuit capable of adapting to any environment or situation it may encounter, thus Ireul's survival mechanism is that of total adaptability through continual evolution hence making the Angel an almost invulnerable opponent. Ireul possesses no armament, however, as the Angel is effectively an organic super computer, Ireul is quite capable of hacking into computer systems thus causing acts of sabotage. Ireul is also capable of merging with matter thus allowing the Angel to merge with its opponents attacking from within, and like all the other Angels, Ireul possesses an AT field, though its effectiveness is unknown.

Name: Leliel
Designated number: 12th
First appearance: Episode 16   
Leliel is definitely one of the more bizarre Angels that NERV find themselves pitted against. Leliel is six hundred and eighty meters in diameter with a thickness of three nanometers within which is an inverted AT field, the sphere projected above Leliel is in fact the Angel's shadow. More intriguing is the fact that within the Angel's AT field is an alternate dimension or another galaxy, describable purely by abstract mathematics, which makes up the Angel's body, and it is into this world that Leliel lures and traps its victims. Leliel expands silently beneath its opponents pulling them into its body and is quite capable of trapping an Eva indefinitely in this way, indeed Leliel could quite easily engulf an entire city should the need arise thus making the Angel a formidable opponent.

Name: Bardiel
Designated number: 13th
First appearance: Episode 18   
Bardiel exhibits similar properties to that of a parasite and hence is one of NERV's darkest fears come true, that is when the Angel invades Unit 03 taking over complete control of its host and trapping its pilot inside the Eva's entry plug. Obviously this unique ability allows the Angel to adopt all the characteristics of its host and so depending on the Angel's choice of host, Bardiel can quite easily prove to be an exceptional opponent. As Bardiel chooses to invade and take control of Unit 03, NERV find themselves battling against the very same tool with which they intend to destroy the Angels, meaning NERV have to face off against one of their own defected living Avatars. Of course there's also a moral issue at stake, what with the pilot of Unit 03 trapped in side that which NERV intend to destroy.

Name: Zeruel
Designated number: 14th
First appearance: Episode 19   
Zeruel, at first glance, appears to be similar to Shamshel, though rather than being equipped with a set of laser tentacles, Zeruel possesses a set of cruel, lethal and flexible razor sharp blades which the Angel uses to slice apart its opponents. These blades are so devastating that they can even slice an Eva apart, this is also made doubly worse when considering their surprisingly long range. As if this weren't enough, Zeurel also possesses a kind of launcher mechanism used for projecting a type of high yield energy projectile in much the same way as Sachiel, though the effects from a single volley of fire from this weapon are truly devastating. To make matters even worse, Zeruel is capable of skimming across surfaces and has an impressive AT field making the Angel the ultimate assailant.

Name: Arael
Designated number: 15th
First appearance: Episode 22   
Arael is very similar to Sahaqiel in that Arael too is capable of maintaining an orbital position outside the enemy's firing range and possesses a single long ranged means of attack. Arael is capable of probing the minds of its victims forcing them to relive past memories best left forgotten, in effect Arael mentally rapes its opponents before eating away at their minds leaving them paralysed as a result of severe brain damage. As with Sahaqiel, Arael's AT field is reasonably strong thus preventing the possibility of taking out the Angel at long range, and so because of this Arael proves to be more than a challenge for NERV and their predominantly land based Eva series.

Name: Armisael
Designated number: 16th
First appearance: Episode 23   
Armisael is undoubtedly the fastest, stealthiest, and most agile, Angel to confront NERV, in fact Armisael is so fast that the chances of an opponent actually hitting the Angel with ranged, or even close combat, attacks are slim.  Armisael is also capable of altering its physical form, which further adds to the Angel's manoeuvrability, and has an impressive AT field which allows the Angel to easily rip through the defences of its opponents. As well as this, Armisael is capable of merging with its opponents attacking from within in much the same way as Ireul, though this is Armisael's sole means of attack and so the Angel relies on it's rapid manoeuvrability to engage the enemy in close combat.

Name: Tabris, aka Kaoru
Designated number: 17th
First appearance: Episode 24   
Tabris, unlike any of the other Angels, is human in appearance and hence is able to infiltrate NERV unnoticed which is vital as Tabris possesses little in the way of offensive capabilities. Although Tabris's armament is limited, the Angel does, however, possess the ability to synchronise with an Evangelion both directly and remotely with ease, and at any desired synchronisation ratio provided that the Angel's soul is more dominant than that of the Eva's. This ability allows Tabris to take control of the very same tool with which NERV intend to destroy the Angel. Besides this unique ability, Tabris is also capable of generating an exceptionally strong AT field.
Name: Shinji Ikari
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student and Evangelion pilot   
Shinji is for the most part of the time an extremely troubled individual, however, most of his ordeals are worsened, and often even caused, by his severe lack of self confidence. Shinji finds it incredibly hard to express his feelings towards others for the fear of being emotionally hurt, and is all too often unwilling to adapt to new situations.
The fact that Shinji hasn't had the best of relationships with his scheming father, Gendo Ikari, having chosen to run away many years ago, and coupled with the loss of his mother, Yui Ikari, at an early age hasn't made his life any easier to deal with. Yet unfortunately running away from bad situations is one of Shinji's personal traits, one that he must over come in order to lead a less stressful life. Unable, or simply unwilling, to bear the company of his father after living alone in exile for so many years, Shinji chooses instead to accept Misato's invitation to live with her on his arrival to Tokyo-3, something which is a big step for Shinji. Although Misato turns out to be not quite the ideal roommate Shinji had in mind, the bizarre situation he finds himself thrown into does help him to open up a little.
Shinji is also the reluctant pilot of EVA-01, though no one really knows why he continues to pilot the Eva as he's made it quite clear on several occasions now that he would rather not be its pilot.

Name: Gendo Ikari
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Occupation: NERV Commander   
As a Commander, Gendo is very experienced, secretive, always achieves results and is able to stay calm when in command, even when faced with dire situations. As a father, however, he is cold, heartless and even cruel. Gendo has never been there for his son, Shinji, and has made no real attempts to get to know him better, despite the fact that he's capable of doing so for Rei. He seems to almost be disappointed with Shinji and is content to treat his son as a complete stranger whom he may occasionally have a use for. It's no wonder why Shinji chose to run away at such an early age after his mother, Yui Ikari, died. Gendo met Yui during his University years, but it's always been assumed by many that his main reason for marrying her was so that he could get closer to her work and to the organisation she worked for, and that he had no real interest in raising a family.
Gendo may work for NERV, however, he doesn't share the same goals laid down by the UN committee, a cover in fact for SEELE, the backbone behind NERV, who seem intent on carrying out the human instrumentality project; the next step in human evolution. The creation of a single perfect entity formed from the unity of all human souls. Otherwise known as the third impact. All Gendo really cares about is carrying out the last wish of his wife; the prevention of a probable third impact instigated by Angels.

Name: Yui Ikari
Age: N/A (deceased)
Gender: Female
Occupation: NERV scientist   
Yui was a caring, thoughtful and content individual, she'd often be caught with a smile on her face and at times seemed almost like a child eager to experience life to the fullest. Although an extremely intelligent and capable scientist, Yui wasn't particularly career driven, though instead sought to experience as much of life as possible. Yui was also the kind of person who would easily make friends what with her out going personality and her polite and affectionate approach to others, and it's because of this that she was able to gain the trust and friendship of others very quickly.

Name: Rei Ayanami
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student and Evangelion pilot   
Rei is extremely timid, shy and at times almost seems withdrawn from the world around her. She finds it incredibly hard to express her feelings towards others and as a consequence isn't the kind of person who makes friends that easily. All of Rei's personnel records have been erased, she has no parents and there is no trail leading to her past, it would seem that her existence begins at a dead end.
She was the first child to be chosen to pilot an Eva, in particular EVA-00, in accordance with the Marduk institute. Though unfortunately she was seriously injured during her first attempt to synchronise with her Eva when it mysteriously went out of control. Fortunately Commander Ikari rescued her and she survived the accident, her next attempt at synchronisation was successful and she has now become the active pilot of EVA-00. Whether or not this is by choice is unknown, Rei simply seems to do as she is told without complaining, something which Shinji is known for doing.
The truth is though, Rei is in fact not human, that is not entirely. She is a by-product of the human instrumentality project, artificially created and implanted with the soul of Yui Ikari. Rei has only one soul, however, NERV have created multiple bodies, or vessels, for Rei's soul in the event of her death. Indeed Rei is killed twice, by both Naoko Akagi and the sixteenth Angel.

Name: Ritsuko Akagi
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Occupation: NERV head technician   
Ritsuko is very secretive and seldom talks about herself or her family, but it is known that she didn't get along with her mother, Naoko Akagi, creator of the MAGI super computers used by NERV, that is on a personal level. She works closely with Commanders Ikari and Fuyutsuki and knows a great deal of the truths behind the mysteries surrounding the second impact, Adam and the arrival of the Angels.
She is also friends with Misato and Kaji having known them both for many years.  Although Ritsuko is fond of Kaji, the two are merely good friends, she knows Kaji still cares for Misato. Ritsuko herself though is still single mainly because she doesn't really know how to act around men. This is most likely because she has spent most of her life alone what with her mother dead, having committed suicide in front of the MAGI many years ago, and without a father during her childhood. Therefore Ritsuko has pretty much got on with her life by emersing herself in her work, something which is very important to her.

Name: Naoko Akagi
Age: N/A (deceased)
Gender: Female
Occupation: NERV head technician   
Naoko, it would seem, was more interested in her work than in what life had to offer, she spent the majority of her time working for Gehirn and in doing so shut herself out of the world around her. Her devotion to her work, however, wasn't without its rewards, Naoko was the main driving force behind the development of the MAGI super computers used by NERV. Though with all her time and energy put into her work, Naoko rarely made enough time for her daughter, Ritsuko, during her childhood.
Naoko was having an affair with Gendo after Yui's death. She committed suicide in front of the MAGI, however, when she learned of Gendo's betrayal of love towards her from the first copy of Rei, whom Naoko then killed out of vengeance. Gendo never stopped loving Yui, Rei's existence alone was proof of that. Realising this was enough to send Naoko over the edge, and in the process Gehirn lost an individual who'd rendered such remarkable service to the MAGI system.

Name: Misato Katsuragi
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Occupation: NERV operations director   
Misato is an energetic, determined and strong willed individual who's not afraid to take charge of a bad situation, that is when she's not busy drinking. Misato joined NERV after the death of her father, who died saving her life during the second impact whilst leading the Katsuragi expedition in Antarctica, intent on exacting revenge against the Angels for her loss. She soon acquired the rank of Captain and shortly afterwards that of Major, and is appointed as NERV's operations director with explicit control over Evas 00, 01 and 02 in the absence of both Commanders Ikari and Fuyutsuki.
As well as working for NERV, she is Shinji's voluntary guardian, although her attitude and behaviour towards him is more of that expected from an older sister. Despite her sisterly approach to Shinji and her occasionally bad domestic habits though, Misato does manage to go a long way into helping Shinji to over come his problems, and in getting him to open up a little. Misato has also taken on the role of Asuka's guardian.
Misato is also Kaji's old lover and at one point lived with him, but she broke off the relationship when she realised how similar to her father he was. Despite this though, she still cares greatly for him, although admitting to this in public would be unlikely, and it's not inconceivable that they may soon become once again more than just good friends.

Name: Kaji Ryoji
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Occupation: NERV special inspector   
Kaji is quite the playful type who officially works for NERV special inspections, however, he also secretly works for the Japanese government investigating NERV's true intentions on their behalf. Kaji has a nose for trouble and enjoys nothing more than living out the life of some kind of secret agent or spy, but his desire to act out this kind of role will undoubtedly eventually land him in the worst of situations.
Although his relationship with Misato ended years ago, he's never really given up the battle to win her back and it's possible that they may at some point get back together, despite objections from Asuka who can be seen clinging to Kaji whenever the opportunity presents itself.
As far as bad habits go, Kaji is hardly perfect in that he can often be found playfully hitting on women. While not a crime in itself, this type of behaviour doesn't score him any points with Misato, neither does neglecting to shave, something which Misato is always picking up on.

Name: Asuka Langley Soryu
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student and Evangelion pilot   
Asuka is extremely confident and constantly struggles onwards trying to better herself over others. Since her mother, Kyoko Zeppelin Souryu who worked for NERV, went insane after an accident, in which she tried to synchronise with EVA-02, and later committed suicide many years ago, Asuka has immersed herself heavily in her own pride; possibly her way of dealing with her tragic loss. As a result of this she is often unwilling to accept any kind of help and advice from others, and will rarely ever admit to making a mistake. She can also be very annoying at times and is known to look down on people, especially Shinji, however, she would never intentionally hurt the feelings of others.
Since moving to Japan, Asuka has taken up on Misato's hospitality choosing to live with her and Shinji, but with her interest in Kaji and her overall attitude towards Shinji, the decibel level in Misato's apartment has risen somewhat since her arrival.
Asuka is also the proud pilot of EVA-02, and is probably the only Eva pilot who actually enjoys and takes pride in being a pilot. Although she puts a lot of effort into piloting EVA-02, unlike Shinji she is not a naturally talented pilot, it is therefore extremely likely that this is the reason for her pointless ongoing rivalry with him.

Name: Kouzou Fuyutsuki
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Occupation: NERV Commander   
When in command, Kouzou is not all that dissimilar to Commander Ikari in that he too remains perfectly calm even when a situation turns nasty. He can, however, be a little apprehensive at times, but will take the time out to engage in idle conversation with lower ranking NERV personnel. Unlike Gendo, Kouzou is more likely to play it safe as a posed to taking big risks, and although Kouzou maybe a decade older than Gendo, it would seem that his role in NERV's hierarchy is more of that of a vice-commander. It's Commander Ikari who seems to have the last say, that is when he's not away attending other more important matters.
Kouzou is a former professor at the Kyoto University. It was there that he first met Yui Ikari, one of his students, who introduced him to Gendo. A few years later after the second impact, the two met once again, and it was at this point that Gendo, who by now was in charge of project E; the project to revive Adam, invited Kouzou to work along side him in creating a new era for man. Despite accepting the offer, Kouzou has always believed Gendo in fact knew that the second impact would take place, and as a result of this left the Antarctic Katsuragi expedition the day before the incident, along with all the collected research data. But even Kouzou is kept in the dark about some secrets, especially those concerning SEELE and his fellow Commander.

Name: Maya Ibuki
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Occupation: NERV Lieutenant   
Maya is a friendly and polite individual who enjoys her work, is grateful for living in the twenty first century and is the kind of person who welcomes technology openly. Maya is easily disturbed by scenes of violence and aggression and hence is more of a pacifist in nature. Maya is also an incredibly hard worker, is eager to please and will rarely ever over step the mark as far as her position in NERV is concerned.
Maya is a technician at NERV and works closely with Ritsuko as her assistant for most of the time, in a way, Maya has earned Ritsuko's trust and respect and considers her to be her mentor. Maya has a great deal of respect for Ritsuko, and will willingly follow Ritsuko's wishes even if she herself doesn't quite agree with them.

Name: Makoto Hyuga
Age: 20 (something)
Gender: Male
Occupation: NERV Lieutenant   
Though he may not look it, Makoto is actually an incredibly strong willed, determined and brave individual. He takes his job at NERV extremely seriously and doesn't think twice about laying his life on the line when it comes to battling against the Angels. Makoto would seem to be the type of person who doesn't get out that much, though this is more likely to be the result of the amount of effort he puts into his work as opposed to a problem of self confidence.
Indeed Makoto spends long hours working at NERV, both during and after official working hours, and it's during these unofficial working hours that Makoto's true personality comes to light. He loves nothing more than digging up those secrets and hidden agendas kept out of sight by both NERV and SEELE, in effect Makoto's true job is that of Misato's secret mole inside the very heart of NERV.
Though Makoto and Misato will never become anything more than friends, Makoto cares a great deal about Misato and will gladly carry out her wishes, even if this means over stepping the mark and potentially jeopardising his career in NERV.

Name: Shigeru Aoba
Age: 20 (something)
Gender: Male
Occupation: NERV Lieutenant   
Shigeru is generally a very laid back kind of person who doesn't take life too seriously, though in the heat of battle, however, Shigeru can become quite apprehensive and tense, and at times even overly concerned. Despite his lazyish approach to life though, Shigeru takes his work at NERV extremely seriously and always delivers results.
Shigeru is heavily into music and as a result of his interest also plays the guitar, relentlessly, so much so that he can often be seen practising chords, using an air guitar, on the job whilst all's quiet.

Name: Toji Suzuhara
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student and Evangelion pilot   
Despite Toji's tough guy type appearance, he's actually quite a thoughtful individual who gets along well with others, especially with Shinji and Kensuke, and who cares very much for the welfare of his little sister, who was injured badly after being crushed by falling debris when the third Angel attacked Tokyo-3. With his father frequently away on important business due to work obligations, Toji often spends time before and after school hours caring for his sister in hospital where he regularly visits her at least twice a week.
As well as looking the school tough guy, Toji spends most of his time looking at other more important things, girls, women and in particular Misato who he has a heavy crush on. He'll often go out of his way just to say 'Hi' or to catch a glimpse of her.
Toji also pilots EVA-03, however, his decision to become an Eva pilot was hardly by choice. He only accepted the responsibility of piloting the Eva on the basis that his sister be transferred to one of NERV's specialist hospitals where she'd receive the best medical care and treatment. As a result of having to hold up his end of the deal, and having heard of some of the grief that the other Eva pilots have gone through, Toji, as most would imagine, isn't exactly enthusiastic about the whole affair.

Name: Kensuke Aida
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student   
Kensuke is a thoughtful and intelligent individual who pays great attention to details, and is also a fanatical war enthusiast intrigued by all things loud and destructive. Unfortunately though, his passion for instruments of war has got him into some tight situations. Desperate to get a glimpse of the action on tape, especially battles involving the Eva series, Kensuke has ended up on the battle field several times, and even once managed to find himself, along with Toji, in EVA-01's cockpit; quite possibly the apex of his achievements to date
With his mother dead and his father often away working on important projects, Kensuke has become an independent sort capable of looking after his own. He attends the same school as Shinji and the two along with Toji have become the best of friends. Kensuke also appreciates and shares Toji's interest in Misato, despite having to listen to Shinji's on going roommate horror stories, and is determined to make it as a future Evangelion pilot.

Name: Hikari Horaki
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student   
Hikari is a pleasant, friendly and well organised girl who lives with her two sisters whom she assumes responsibility for. At school Hikari is representative for class 2-A and is very dedicated to her job, it's a position which she aims to fulfil to the best of her abilities. She may be a little bossy at times, however, this is only because she wants to set a good example and maintain the smooth running of the class.
Although she gets along well with most of her classmates, Hikari gets along particularly well with Asuka and the two have become the best of friends. Hikari also has a crush on Toji, that's when she's not busy ordering him around, however, she finds it hard expressing her feelings towards him in person.

Name: Kaoru Nagisa
Age: 14
Gender: Male (appearance)
Occupation: Evangelion pilot   
Kaoru is softly spoken and polite at all times, even during combat. He seems to be extremely open with people, especially with Shinji, though always carries an air of mystery around with him. His affection towards Shinji helps Shinji to partially overcome his fears of other people's perception of himself, though Shinji's newly placed trust in Kaoru turns out to be sadly misplaced when it is learnt that Kaoru is in fact an Angel.
Kaoru is not all that dissimilar to Rei in that he too has had his personal records erased from existence, though it is known that he was born on the same day as the second impact. While an explanation as to how Kaoru came to be is not given, based on the fact that he is an Angel, and hence exhibits Angel properties much like Rei, and is sent by SEELE directly to NERV to instigate the third impact, it is likely that SEELE created Kaoru in much the same way as Gendou brought Rei into existence.
The fact that Kaoru was created from Adam explains his ability to synchronise with an Evangelion with ease, and at any desired synchronisation ratio provided that his soul is more dominant than that of the Eva's. This ability is useful in that he was allegedly sent to NERV to replace Asuka as the pilot of Unit 02, though not so when his true motive comes to light.

Name: Pen Pen
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Occupation: Domestic penguin   
Pen Pen can often be seen wondering back and fourth around Misatio's apartment, that's when he's not lounging around or suffering from the ill effects of his owner's futile attempts at cooking. Pen Pen may well be a warm water penguin to most, but to Misato Pen Pen is more of a companion and a good source of company when she's feeling lonely and down.
Pen Pen permanently wears a portable air conditioner on his back for use during his walkabouts around Misato's apartment, though when he's off duty, Pen Pen lives a comfortable lifestyle in Misato's somewhat over sized refrigerator, that's when he's not busy relaxing in her bath. Pen Pen also seems to be reasonably intelligent and clever, and at times has an almost cunning look about him as though he's planning something big. This aside, however, Pen Pen gets on extremely well with almost anyone, especially with Misato, Asuka and Hikari i.e. females, and would seem to have an interest in Shinji's attempts at classical music.

chapter one: The last betreal
chapter two: The series complete
chapter three: It begins...
chapter four: Watch and learn
chapter five: Tree of life
chapter six: G0D
chapter seven: ressist
chapter eight: We end
chapter nine: The fate of destruction is the joy of reberth
                      Chapter one:
                   the last betreyal
 "Sir, mrs., mam we,e weve lost the siganl of both Shinji and Kwaru! " "Asuka its asuka she taking the damage of unit 002!" "Theres nothing we can do!" "They reached central dogma level!." "weve got shinjis siganl agian." "What about Kwaru?" "The last angel... terminated."
"quickly recover unit two and shinji." Gendo ordered. The nerv crew was quick to rejuise over shinjis victory. Asuka was quickly rushed to the hospital.
                 (Three days latter)
 "If Kwaru was the last angel then why are we still on first level alurt?" Hyuga asked with a puzzled look. "Who knows." "I wonder what they`ll do to nerv..." Aoba mumbled in hopes to stir a conversation. "Probably dis ban it, but i hat to think what they`ll do to us..." Makoto proped his feat up on the desk.
                  (A few hours later)
 "Let me guess they`re having problems with the maji systems. Right?" "Yes you must report to central control level emeadatly." "Arrogent bastard, expects the woman he abandoned to jump when he calls..."
 "Talk to me Hyuga." Mitsadu rushed down a busy hall. "Tokyo has revoked juristiction of section 331." Hyuga replied. "What does that meen!?" Mitsadu yelled. "It meens that tokyosystems are hacking into the maji systems." Hyuga grimly replied. "Just hacking into the maji, I dought thats it..." Mitsadu thought. "Ritsuko is currently installing a type six six six fire wall." Hyuga replyed. "Ritsuko?" Mitsadu entered the room. "All links are being externaly cut off!" Hyuga yelled.
 "The other maji systems have been identifed as Germany, China, Europe, Australia and canada!" Hyuga yelled. "Hhhhmmmmm five maji systems working against one, not good odds. But then we have unit 001 and lilith. No wonder why the old bastards are so nerveos..." Fuyutsuki mumbled...