written by: T.E.C
rated: T

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Lord Inu Yasha 2

chapter 1

the descendents

"We have to send them down the well" "NO!". "Their my babies!" We have 2." " Lets just hope they come back with the shards." *explosion* "Here he comes!!!"

(12 years later)

"Class we have 3 new students today" said mrs. J. "Their names are; Touji(silver hair ocean blue clothing) (sofee faints), Kaji (spiked dark brown hair dresses in blood red clothing) (half the girls in the class faints), and Shinji (people shoot spitballs at him). "take ur seats"said the teacher. Touji sits beside sofee. Kaji sits beside Misato and shinji sits on the opposite side of the room than the spitballers.

chapter 2

the other new student

(a week later) "hey Misato"said Kaji (slap slap) "dont touch me"said Misato (walks away) "ahhh"said kaji "that hurt". "HAHA!!!" said Touji standing over him. (WHACK!!) "Take that"said Kaji "Steel toe boots right in the grind" "thats gotta hurt" said Kaji watching him sprawled out on the floor. (BRIIIING!!!!) "take your seats class" said mrs.J. "we have a new student, his name is naraku".


chapter 3

the fight

"Pokey"..."Pokey" "Pokey, pokey, pokey, pokey"said Touji poking Nuraku the new kid. "Pokey" said Touji one last time. "THATS IT!" yelled Nuraku. " U ME AFTER SCHOOL PLAYGROUND FIGHT!" (Later that day) Kaji shows up "Were's ur brother" said Nuraku. "Right behind me" said Kaji touji peeks over his shoulder "then let us fight" said Nuraku. "No he wanted me to fight for him." said Kaji. "Well then lets fight" said Nuraku holding up his fists. "lets" said Kaji holding up his fists. Nuraku lauches at Kaji. Kaji jumps out of the way and punches Nuraku in the face. Nuraku gets up and trips Kaji. Nuraku jumps at Kaji but Kaji kicks him onto the ground and starts pounding him. "ok u win for now" said Nuraku all bloody. "ok" said Kaji getting up and whiping blood off his lip. "hey Kaji" said Misato "I thought u didnt like me"said Kaji lookoing at Misato. " now i do" said Misato "ur going 2 be the talk of the school and i kinda did like u"said Misato. "Suits me"said Kaji "hey i know a hangout i want 2 show u"said Kaji "u can come to sofee" said Kaji looking at sofee. ten minutes later "Here it is the well" said Kaji. "whats he doing here" said Touji looking at Nuraku. "i dont know"said Kaji. "HEY NURAKU!" yelled Kaji running over to Nuraku as he jumped down the well. "Where is he" said Kaji looking down the well. Just then a shadow jumped over the well and stabed Kaji in the back.