written by: Alex
Rated: M

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This was one ofg the first stories ever written, though the production was stopped, the few chapters still remain.

well im not finished the story yet (in fact i havent even started...) but i  got a run down and character listings as usual....
run down:
"good reality comic."
character listings
shadow-goth/ main character
luna-goth/main character
ervine-punk/ sub main
twist-phreak/ sub main(binds causine)
bind-phreak/side char(twists causine)
l.c.k-Little Crazy Kid/side char
popcorn-rocker/side ch
arashi-pyromaniac/side char
crio-shop keeper/ocsnl char
crow-sh!ty theif that always gets cought/ocsnl char
karatsu-goth/ocsnl char
tenchi-b!tchy gang fighter/ocsnl char
zero-cd salesman/side char
tetsu-rogue cop/side char
certin-drug dealer mob man/ocsnl char
now ya as you noticed iv put in most of my characters in
this one.I see it mostly as an all star story but most of them arent in it much.
but ide like to thank a few bands and song that inspired me for this story...
linkin park: MY<DSMBR
linkin park: By_MYSLF
linkin park: FRGT/10
marilyn manson: para noir
marilyn manson: sweat dreams
marilyn manson: sweet tooth
korn: Every thing iv known
slip knot: duality
and thare yu goo.

This is only the ova draft of volume one this voluume shows the perpective of hype and alex    
                      G0tH!) volume one:
                     this is my december
                 in the middle of my thoughts 
                       Chapter one:
                     in the begining...
                      (december 1995)
 "Your no longer needed Richard." "b,b,but y,you cant do this to me... I, I Im to important for you to just throw away like trash." "Im sorry mr bolton. We cant alow you to know what you do. So you must be taken care of." "Oh sweat jesus no! No!" " Take him away." "N,no! Ahhh" the voice faded as the man was dragged away...
                   (nine years later...)
 " Fuck you !!!" A young boy yelled as an old and angery store clerck came bursting out of a grossery store as he ran from a grossery store. "Oh how responsible..." Hype mumbled as she watched the boy run from a grossery store. Hype walked down the street to Gums house. "I wonder who that kid was. Moron..." She thought. After arriving at gumms house.
 "So do you think we should call A.C?" Hype asked "sure."
"im sure shell come over in a few days..."
 "Oh, gum I saw the funniest thing today..."
                       Chapter two
 "So ow id it o?" L.>.K greated to the out of breath Alex walked through the door."Eh pretty good. But a few people saw me... Not good. two hundred fifty dollars in all."
Alex replied. "Excellent."L.>.K mumbled.
 "Ya I supose..."
                   (three days later)

 Alex walked down the road to the arcade. As he walked through the door the thingys on the top gingled. "Hi every body." Alex greated towards every one... no one responded, but they did look at him strangly. And turned back to there games.
 Strangely enoegh Alex looked to his left, then to his right. But as he looked to his right He saw her, the girl from the robbery. "BBBbblaaaemm!" Alex ran and hid behind the "Space  patatos from mars!" video game. He quickly bolted out the door. Luckily she didnt see him.

 As he walked back to the shack he wondered who that girl was. Lets see. black hair, pail skin, glasses and a duck tape purse. Well lets just not go to places were people with black hair, pail skin, glasses and a duck tape purse... shit that cuts out everwere!

 After arriving back at the shack he crashed on the coach. A few hours later he awoke in the dead of night. He couldent stop thinking of who that creepy person was and why her confused face has been poping up every were. He decided to go out for a midnight stroll.

 He walked through the snow covered park, marvelling at the multi colored christmas lights."I hate december, I really do..." Alex thought. He wiped the snow of a park bench. He sat down.

And began to think about the old days, before it started...
 He looked around, And he looked through the trees, and there she was again. Talking to another girl...a
pritty girl. Tall, brown hair, trench coat, But before he could stare any more he heard sirens.He quickly stood up and ran.
 As he aproched the shack he reached for his key... it wasnt there. He searched through all his pockets.  He couldent find it. "It must still be back at the park...No its to risky... what else can I do... time for plan B." He thought with a sneaky toan in mind. "Hey Kid wake the fuck up! Im locked out! Open the door or Il burn down the house!" Alex yelled. ( Ahh the succes of plan
 "Eh hold on... eh here." L.>.K groaned as he cracked open the door. Alex walked in and crashed in
the kitchen and fell asleep with his head in the fridge.
                     chapter three
                      marry x-mas!
"gon te get drea be back around one. bye." Hype walked towards the door. She put on her blue winter coat and left.
She walked through the city park, still snowing she wiped the snow of the bench and sat down. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed dreas number, but there was no answer. So she guesed that she had already left.
 Twenty minutes later the eleven thirty bus pulled up. But unfortunetly Drea was not on it. The bus left and after another half hour of waiting the midnight bus pulled in. This time however Drea stepped of the bus. Wearing a trench coat blue pants and a red hat. "Ello!>" She greated.
 Hype looked over her shoulder and saw who else but the moron sitting only twenty feet away. All three of  heard sirens and booked it. Drea and hype ran back to the old house were hype and gumm lived.
 And the moron dissapeared. "So what are we going to do about chirstmas? Are we gonna have a reunion?" Drea asked.
"Ya a reunion with popcorn,and zero ,ervine ,bind,twist, shadow,luna and alex." Hype stired the conversation further.gum had her own oppinion though.
"Not alex hes a moron." "Oh speeking of morons I keep seeing this kid every were. He looks sort of like alex but i know hes not cuz i saw him robb a grosery store. I saw him at the store ,the arcade and in the park, its pissing me off." "Well why not kick him as hard as you can in the testicles and spit acid in his eyes?" Gum replies as she usualy would, very very meanly. "Well i cant just go around hurting people like there bags of....of...stuff." "Yes you can." (-_-...shes weird...) "I was thinking we have a christmas party soon, you know me you A.C Bucket, Lock and such." Hype picked up a glass of tea and drank it. "Not alex." "YES Alex, you meany!!!!" "fine..."
                        Chapter Four: Scrap drinking hobos!
 An old man wonders down an ally, he picks up a half empty bottle of Scotch. And drinks it, he falls over and dies...the end.