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Genre- Industrial Metal

Concert Drummer Auditions
 Drummer Audtions have started, though there isnt much a wide array of choice, Im confident we will have a drumemr soon.
 Recording On The demo will start ether late september or early october. The Demo will consist of twelve tracks. Plus a secret track.  Album art will be up for looks soon.

Battery Head Is:
Alex Bolton (Mr.Jack)- Vocals/Bass
Nate Waldes (Kerli)- Guitar
Russel Carriere (Rusty Buckets)- Guitar/ occasional Bass
(A Drummer Is Yet To Be Found, Until Then, A Drum machine is being used)

 Battery Head Was formed 2005 when Alex Contacted Rusty on a multi track reocrding project, after much talk and planning, Nate was hired as a secoundary guitarist. The three had worked together before, but never for a long period of time. The Name BATTERY HEAD was chosen to represent the possitive and negative of each member, and to show how opposites work together nicely.